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The Pottsville Maroons


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Based on the true story of one of the greatest pro football players and teams of all-time, the legendary 1925 Pottsville Maroons; the heroic tale of a player, a team, and a small town with a dream.

The Pottsville Maroons is a full-length feature film developed by acclaimed director/producer Penny Marshall (A League of Their Own, Big, The Preacher's Wife, Awakenings, Cinderella Man) and written by Pottsville native Rowan Joseph and Derek Hereen. Penny Marshall, Rowan Joseph and John Meindl, President of Sports Branded Media, are producing.

The Pottsville Maroons is based on the true story the legendary 1925 NFL & World Champion Pottsville Maroons and their star player, Tony Latone, one of the greatest football players of all time. An uneducated, hard-working, hulk of a man, Latone leaves the security of the coal mines of Pennsylvania for a spot on Pottsville's brand new NFL team in the hopes of providing a better life for his widowed mother and five sisters. Against all odds, Latone leads the Maroons to capture the 1925 NFL Championship and even a stunning victory over the legendary "Four Horsemen" of Notre Dame, making them the World Champions of football! However, their hard-earned title is stripped away by the President of the League, Joseph Carr, in a decision so controversial and so legendary that it is still argued about today by sports writers and football fans alike.

What makes The Pottsville Maroons so much more than just another great football movie is the human story behind the legend. Football is just the backdrop to a more personal story, much like boxing serves as the backdrop in Million Dollar Baby or Rocky 1.

With great humor and heart, The Pottsville Maroons tells a story whose themes and images are still powerful and universal. An age old and timeless tale about the rich and powerful vs. the little guy, about big cities vs. small rural communities, about the pure love of the game vs. the powerful lure of money, and about an injustice done to a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania that never forgot and never forgave.

[The screenplay of The Pottsville Maroons is a wholly original copy written work; it is not based on any of the numerous articles and/or books published on the subject. WGA registration #1037816; dated January 07, 2005.]

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